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Green Star School

Millard Elementary School
won their Green Star School Award!

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Become a 5 Green Stars School and a Leader in Environmental Sustainability

Green Star School Awards Program, is a 5-Star Sustainability Accreditation for K-12 schools globally.

Each of these below categories offers accreditation for ONE Green Star, and provides the opportunity to become a 5-Green Star school, and helps demonstrate the school’s leadership in environmental sustainability.

Schools should use the check-list in the application page to ensure all required elements are implemented, and then submit the application online. Schools could adopt any methods that are good for them to implement the required areas in the check-list.

  1. Green Star Award Application: Zero Waste School
  2. Green Star Award Application: School Garden
  3. Green Star Award Application: Water Conservation & Preservation
  4. Green Star Award Application: Energy Conservation
  5. Green Star Award Application: Nature Preservation & Conservation

Note: The guidance we have on this site is for California schools. However, the accreditation is for any schools globally. So please use this guidance as a guideline and adopt any methodology to fulfill the required areas as listed in the application check-list.

Here are the steps for schools:

  1. Use the check-list from the application, and come up with implementation plans for your school
  2. Implement the plans for at least one full school year
  3. Submit the application at the end of school year between April and June, along with the $250 fees

Note: The fees is used for the customized award and shipping charges. The award will be shipped to your school, if your application has passed our review process. You will be notified via email prior to the shipment.

Green Star School Awards program offers experiential services learning and leadership opportunities for children.

We encourage schools globally to adopt the designated categories and benefit your school with a Green Star accreditation, and offer students the opportunity to make this world a better place for all.

Our do-it-yourself guidance can be adopted at any stage. Many schools are already doing environmental projects and activities, which we highly recommend you to continue. Utilize the guidance to help uncover additional areas.

The check-lists in the application helps to ensure that your school is able to maximize the activities in each of the award categories, and increase student participation.

Whether you are just beginning, or have already started, the program can provide structure to your efforts, and bring value and recognition to your school!

Here is an overview from Millard Elementary School award ceremony

Millard Elementary School from Fremont Unified School District won their Green Star School Award for the Zero Waste School category

What is unique about our program ?

The uniqueness of our program is that it is aimed at encouraging and providing schools the recognition for adopting sustainability projects in their academic curriculum and day-to-day school activities.

Our program encourages children to be the leaders, and provides opportunities to utilize their critical thinking and problem solving skills. Children learn to observe, and gain understanding of the environmental impacts on humans and our society.

steps to earn the green stars

For successful implementation of any program at a school, there must be full support and participation from the Principal and at least one Teacher.

First, form a “Green Kids Team” if you do not have one already. This team is expected to lead all “Green” initiatives at school. The kids joining this team need to commit to be leaders and should represent the rest of the school.

Recommendations for the Green Kids Team member selection:

  • Elementary School: Have two kids selected from each grade starting from Grade 2. Higher grades (5th or some elementary schools 6th grades too) it is best to have representatives from each section. Limit the total number to not exceed 16 students for this leadership Green Kids Team
  • Middle School and High School: Have about 12 to 16 kids sign up

Watch this inspirational Speech, by 5 year old, Amita Gowda:

Green Star School Awards Program flyer

Download Flyer

  • Green Star School Awards Program, is a 5-Star Sustainability Accreditation for K-12 schools globally.


  • Green Star School Awards program can extend to any parts of the world. Submit the application and get your school accredited!

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