Artist’s Statement

MELS-logoMy name is Christopher and my school (the Metropolitan Expeditionary Learning School or MELS) has a goal. We want to help the environment by reducing the amount of pollutants produced every day. Over the past month and a half, we have all made commitments that will help the environment. My commitment was to not use powered transportation for that whole month and a half.

Now, it was difficult and I did give in at times, but I tried my best to stick to it. Alone, I didn’t make much of an impact, but if more people start to do what we have done, we can really change the world.

This story takes place 24 years from 2014 and the world has been turned into a sort of wasteland or desert type of place. After the world used most of their fossil fuels, people started fighting over them. The air and water was completely polluted and people needed to wear gas masks and use water filters if they wanted to survive. This is actually a realistic theory, and it will happen if we don’t start to care about how our decisions impact the environment. It might not impact us right now, but it will hurt future generations. They will have to clean up our mess if we don’t clean it up ourselves.

In math class, we learned that every mile that we drive in a diesel/gasoline powered vehicle we produce 9.5 pounds of CO2. If you consider how much we drive every day, it is a lot of CO2! However, in social studies we also learned about individual and group power. I believe that both, individuals and groups are able to change the world if they try hard enough.

The future seems very scary with the air and water being deadly, and barely any flowers, trees, or grass remain. The world is a wasteland full of people having wars over fossil fuels. But, there are also people just like my school. There are people who are trying hard to restore the world. Yes, they are trying tirelessly to save the world! We have to stop now or else future generations won’t have anything but our huge mess.

About the Author: Christopher is a student at the Metropolitan Expeditionary Learning School or MELS, New York.