Green Star Award Categories


Each of the following five areas is eligible for “one” Green Star for the school.

If all five areas are achieved, the school could become a “5 Green Stars” awarded School

Zero Waste School

School Garden

Water Conservation & Preservation

Energy Conservation & Alternate Resources of energy

Nature Preservation & Conservation




Become a Leader in Environmental Sustainability:


The core, known as the “Innovation” program is eligible for the most prestigious title,

“Leader in Environmental Sustainability”.

steps to earn the green stars


For successful implementation of any program at a school, there must be full support and participation from the Principal and at least one Teacher.

First, form a Green Kids Team if you do not have one already. This team is expected to lead all “Green” initiatives at school. The kids joining this team need to commit to be leaders and should represent the rest of the school.


Recommendations for the Green Kids Team member selection:

Elementary School: Have two kids selected from each grade starting from Grade 2. Higher grades (5th or some elementary schools 6th grades too) it is best to have representatives from each section. Limit the total number to not exceed 16 students for this leadership Green Kids Team

Middle School and High School: Have about 12 to 16 kids sign up