My Story of Stuff…a case study!


At my school the 7th graders are doing a project in ELA and it also relates to our school because, we are a sustainable school. The project is sacrificing something that you would do daily or often, for instance, I sacrifice not going to restaurants because I usually go there quite often with my family to spend time with each other. The main reason why I am doing this project is to show an impact on others and to show why if you stop doing one thing it can make a major difference in the world.

I did this commitment because I chose something that I am able to not quit and try my best. I also did this because I know how restaurants cooking can be bad for the environment so I want to make a change of that. When I first told my family about what I am doing they were very supportive. My family helped me a lot to just stay strong and not to give up. I on the other hand had sometimes where I couldn’t take it and I just wanted to quit, and other times where it was a piece of cake. Over the past few weeks of doing my commitment it showed that once you put your mind to it and try to accomplish in what you are doing, you can see that you can make a difference and feel strong at the end. During this period, I had a time where I went to a restaurant and I was sitting there watching as everyone order and eat their food. While my little cousin is trying so hard for me to eat and doing weird things to make me want to give up. My experience made me feel strong because I knew that I felt good when I accomplish something, so by having that little boost of encouragement and support it made me feel better of myself.

My commitment really shows an impact on the world because imagine while the chef at the restaurants is cooking hamburgers, you may think that it is delicious because of the way it looks and how it tastes, but do you know how many emissions it is causing? Oh yeah, lots of pollution happens from restaurant cooking, that gets into the air, and there are many environmental concerns caused by that.

My commitment doesn’t only connect to the outside world it also connects to other classes and things we are learning about. For instance in science we are learning about the fossil fuel oil.

I will definitely start making more observations on the various impacts, and observe my actions more closely. I will think about the major impacts and harm that can be done to the earth, the people and our surroundings. Lastly, I will think about the future generations and how will they be impacted by my actions. It is our choice to make a difference or lose something every day due to the harm of our activity.

About the Author: My name is Amanda and I am in the 7th grade at Metropolitan Expeditionary Learning School. In our school we have expeditions that connects to what we are going to learn about. Our expedition is call Price of Progress. We also have case studies in our expeditions for each class. Our case study in ELA is My Story of Stuff.