Nature Preservation

Nature Preservation Green Kids Now Green Star SchoolNature Preservation is a subject that everyone should be aware about. The recent human developments have caused the greatest destruction to the natural habitats and ecosystems. We are at a crucial point now where we humans cannot continue in the same way. We need to change our ways and ensure that we do not cause further destruction. This planet has to sustain for many generations to come, and hold life for billions and billions of more years.

Our Nature Preservation guidance provides you with step-by-step actions that you could take at your school to enrich your learning experiences about your surroundings, community, and the natural world around you. Along with the tremendous knowledge you would gain by adopting our guidance, you would also gain great respect towards our natural world.

Learn, raise awareness, and take action to protect and preserve nature!



Your Action Steps:

*** Download and follow the step-by-step guidance throughout the school year ***



*** Use the check-list in the application form to double-check your eligibility ***


*** Submit the Application form for the Nature Preservation Category ***

Download the MS Word Application Form, Complete it, and then email it to “”