Start a Plan for Yourself

MELS-logo start a plan for yourself green star school awardMy school, Metropolitan Expeditionary Learning School in Queens, New York, is also known as “a school for a sustainable city”. You might be wondering about, what is this whole blog about? Well in ELA, we had to choose a commitment to keep for a month that won’t hurt the environment and reduce our carbon footprints. Our commitments relate to our school because we are using less energy and will make the school more sustainable. My commitment is to turn off the lights as I leave a room, this might sound like a very easy sacrifice. Well, it’s not! For a person who forgets everything quite fast. This commitment might be hard!

I chose this commitment because I have been realizing that my mom’s light bill has increased tremendously, I thought “why not help her”. I figured that by turning off the lights, it will make a difference. The next day at school we were discussing about what we will be learning. It so happens to be that we were going to learn about blogs. Our blogs would be about our commitment and how it’s going. During this process, we had to journal every day about our commitments. Questions like how did you feel regards to the sacrifice that you have committed to? At what times of the day did you think about your commitment? What did you think? These were basically the questions we had to journal about for the past few weeks. In some of my journals, I felt like giving up. But then I realized, how many things has my mother helped me in? This thought was always on my mind throughout this commitment. That question was my motivation.

My commitment connects to science class because we are learning about fossil fuels. Fossil fuels are remains of past living organisms. We are running out of these fossils. If you didn’t know, the electricity and fuel you use come from these fossils that we are running out of. By me turning off the lights, I am using less electricity reducing energy being used and less money in the next light bill. This may also connect to what we learned in social studies. In social studies, we learned about how our clothing and other products such as light bulbs are made, and how it gets to our house. I researched about all of the components to make the light bulb and transportation from factory to our house, which created a lot of pollution. In P.E we are playing lacrosse. You may be wondering, how does this connect to my commitment? I thought that too, but lacrosse is played outdoors and by playing a sport or go to the park, you are not in the house and all the lights would be off. That means that you are not using any energy.

Something that I learned throughout this commitment is that my commitment is that turning off the lights, my mom will be paying less for the light bill. This might not sound that exciting, but to me it is, because my mother has saved about $70!

My experience helped save money, and also the community would be cleaner in different ways. Everyone can start with something simple to take action, and then you could go onto something more difficult.

About the Author: Gabriela, is a student at Metropolitan Expeditionary Learning School in Queens, New York.