Water Conservation

WaterConserveWater Conservation and Preservation is important because the amount of fresh water available on this earth is not going to increase more than what we have now. In fact with the effects of global warming, it is only anticipated to decrease.

The scarcity of this most needed and precious resource must be protected, conserved and preserved. We need to sustain this fresh water resource for generations and generations to come.

Every individual can make a difference in saving and protecting our most precious resource, water!

Our Water Conservation and Preservation guidance, provides you with step-by-step actions you could take at school to conserve, preserve, and protect our fresh water resources.

Conserving, Protecting, and Preserving water at school also can save the school thousands of dollars!



Your Action Steps:

*** Download and follow the step-by-step guidance throughout the school year ***




*** Use the checklist in the application form to double-check your eligibility ***



*** Submit the Application form for the Water Conservation and Preservation Category ***

Download the MS Word Application Form, Complete it, and then email it to “info@greenstarschool.org”